Konqueror As FTP Client

Several FTP clients for KDE have been either discontinued or their development has been stalled. But the good news is that the most famous FTP client is under constant development and its name is Konqueror.
Using Konqueror as an FTP client is a good idea because you can have remote files inside your file manager, as if your files were on your HDD. Also you can have your usernames and passwords stored in Konqueror so that you only have to click your bookmark to access in a few seconds your FTP server. Here’s how you can use Konqueror as an FTP client on a PC workstation:

  1. Open the Konqueror file browser:
    Konqueror FTP 1
  2. Then, click “Bookmark > Edit bookmarks”. Your bookmark manager will pop up:
    Konqueror FTP 2
    Click the New icon to add a new bookmark. You will have to fill in the Name field, and the Location field. For this last field, you need to use a special synthax:


    Where username, password, and website.com are your actual user name, password and web site domain. Don’t forget the colon between the username and password. Also, don’t forget the @ between the authentication information and the host. If you don’t want to store the password, just remove the colon and the password:


    When the server asks for authentication, a Konqueror prompt will ask for your password. Sometimes there is an @ inside the username. In order not to confuse Konqueror which @ is for the username, and which one defines the host, it is necessary to convert this @ for the username, and you’ll use %40 instead:




    This is all you need to know.

  3. Now that you created your bookmark, just click Bookmarks > My web site:
    Konqueror FTP 3
  4. You should see your remote files inside KDE, as if they were on your own computer:
    Konqueror FTP 4
    You can drag, drop and remove files normally, as you would do with files present on your computer.

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