Citrix Behind IPTables

Setup: Internal users menggunakan SNAT untuk akses ke Internet eth0 is the inside network (LAN) eth1 is the outside network (Internet) UnAssign=1024:65535 is client port IP_OUTSIDE is the outside IP trying to access the Citrix server CTX_PORT=”1494″ is Citrix incomming port IP_Citrix=”ip.addr.citrix_int” is the Private

Cisco Router Firewall

Below you find a short description how to install and configure a CISCO 2603 Router / Firewall. In the example, we have two LAN’s using the private IP-addresses and Besides routing, the firewall translates all addresses from the internal LAN ( to the

Cisco Recovery Password

This document describes the procedure for recovering enable password or enable secret passwords. These passwords are used to protect access to privileged EXEC and configuration modes. The enable password password can be recovered, but the enable secret password is encrypted and can only be replaced

Getting Started With Cisco

Initially you will probably configure your router from a terminal. If the router is already configured and at least one port is configured with an IP address, and it has a physical connection to the network, you might be able to telnet to the router

MIME Types

MIME Types Table MIME content-types supported by most web servers, identified with file extensions, are listed in the following table. MIME Type Identification File Extension application/acad AutoCAD dwg application/arj compressed archive arj application/astound Astound asd, asn application/clariscad ClarisCAD ccad application/drafting MATRA Prelude drafting drw application/dxf

Bunga Pagoda

Kandungan Bunga Pagoda: Alkoloid; Garam Kalium; Zat Samak Khasiat Bunga Pagoda adalah : Akar bunga pagoda berkhasiat antiradang, peluruh kencing (diuretik), menghilangkan bengkak, dan menghancurkan darah beku. Daun rasanya manis, asam, agak kelat, sifatnya netral. Daun berkhasiat sebagai antiradang dan mengeluarkan nanah. Bunga rasanya manis,